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10 Top The best earning models


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10 Top The best earning models

The top 10 Instagram earners - these models cash in the most


While many people all over the world have to work hard day after day to only live at the survival level, many Instagram models are now on the bright side of life. Their fashion sense and good looks have made them able to make a real fortune without tough work. These ladies (and a gentleman) did not just have a good chance. Because building a social media empire requires a lot of strategic moves and a lot of attempts. After all, the competition is vast, and now almost everyone is on the social networks. But to make a real career out of this, only a few succeed. After all, many followers on Instagram alone are not enough. Even the big labels have to become aware of the fashionistas, from which a lucrative advertising contract can jump out with a pinch of luck. So which faces have turned their insta-page into cash? We reveal it in descending order.


1. Chiara Ferragni - the queen of Instagram

Already during her law studies in Italy, Chiara Ferragni secured another foothold and is now the most famous and successful fashionista and fashion blogger of the entire international fashion scene. Meanwhile, Chiara Ferragni even presented her own shoe collection, working with many well-known brands and continuing to promote her blog. Her Instagram account has about 2.8 million followers. It is even rumored that Ferragni should have accumulated in this way a fortune of several million US dollars. On average, the elite Instagrammer and Blogger earn more than $ 1 million a year, but Chiara Ferragni is said to spend more than $ 8 million a year.

chiara ferragni

2. Cara Delevingne - on the way up

For Cara Delevigne things are going really well. With 20 million followers nothing can go wrong. In a guard with Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne is among the models who can earn $ 100,000 and more for a single post from various labels. This will quickly accumulate a real fortune.

Cara Delevingne

3. Liz Eswein - Millions on Instagram

Samsung, Armani, and Puma have already become aware of Eswein, who discovered photography as their new passion not so long ago. A single photo published by Eswein may be worth as much as $ 15,000 due to its popularity. In the first 1.5 years alone, when Liz Eswein was on Instagram, she is said to have earned over $ 1 million.

Liz Eswein

4. Julia Engel - Affiliate Marketing Champ

Over 650,000 followers have ensured that Engel now earns more than $ 1 million a year. By considering that Engel lives in San Francisco that is one of the expensive cities in the US., It is not a significant amount of money. However, Julia Engel understood the concept of affiliate marketing and thus earned money from the purchases of her readers and followers.

Julia Engel

5. Jane Aldridge - Kanye West made her famous

Jane Aldridge owes her great breakthrough to Kayne West. At that time, in 2009, she was just 16 years old. Not only Teen Vogue but also Kayne became aware of her blog, which then increased by a single tweet with the link to Aldridge's blog, the readership to about 400,000. Even Aldridge is already one of the most successful fashion bloggers around the globe at a young age. Her Instagram account has around 164,000 readers. An Instagram post from her costs companies at least $5,000 or more. If you want to attend an event, you have to expect $ 20,000.

Jane Aldridge