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Acorns are the fruits of the oak tree


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Acorns are the fruits of the oak tree

An oak tree bears numerous fruits in autumn, which are called acorns. These are nut fruits that are enclosed on one side by a cap. Acorns serve as animal feed or to pull out new oak trees.


This is how the fruits of the oak look

  • Elongated nut
  • About three inches long
  • Medium brown color
  • removable fruit cup (cupula)

The harvest time of the acorns starts in September. The fruits just fall to the ground.

The sprouting will take place next year. Acorns need a period of very low temperatures before they begin to germinate.


Recognizing ripe acorns

If you want to collect acorns in the forest to make your own oak tree, make sure that they are mature.

The ripe fruit of an oak indicates that it can be easily detached from the cap.

Mature acorns that are suitable for sowing have a medium brown, shiny outer skin. They are solid and have no holes.


Pull oak tree from acorns

The fruit of the oak is the best picked directly from the tree and kept in the refrigerator for a longer time.

Then they are planted in a pot or in the field.

Alternatively, already germinated acorns can be dug up in the forest in spring.


Do not eat raw acorns

Acorns are very nutritious, but not enjoyable for people in raw condition. Because of their high amount of tannic acid, they are toxic and cause severe gastrointestinal discomfort.

By watering the tannins can be dissolved out. Acorns can be processed for different purposes.

In times of need, acorns were ground to flour or served as a coffee substitute.

do not eat raw acorns

High nutritional value

The oak was once considered a kind of "bread tree" that could feed humans. Even in times of need, such as the world wars in the 20th century, one remembered the small fruits again and used them as food. Acorns contain many carbohydrates in the form of starch and sugar (about 40 percent), oil (up to 15 percent) and proteins (about five percent). So they are incredibly nutritious.


Acorns as pig feed

Pigs and forest animals, on the other hand, tolerate raw acorns well.

In the past, the fruit of the oak was therefore used for pig fattening. The pigs were driven into the forest in autumn and ate the glans there.

The pork is said to be very aromatic through the acorns. In Mediterranean countries, pigs are still fattened today with the fruits of the cork oak.

acorns as pig feed

Tips & Tricks

The bark of oaks is often used in natural medicine. It contains anti-inflammatory agents. Extracts from the bark are used as a bath additive for rashes and as a tea for the treatment of stomach problems.