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How to plant a new lawn


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How to plant a new lawn

The grass in the fertilized soil will grow better.

The lawn is known as a specialized profession in the world. Lawn growing in parks, garden, and garden, in addition to its unique beauty, prevents gradual soil erosion.

Choosing the type of grass species appropriate to the weather conditions of the area in question will create a more beautiful lawn like a rug or regular coating.


Pick grass seed

In terms of weather conditions, lawns are divided into 2 general categories. 1- Species suitable for cold regions. 2. Species suitable for tropical regions. Choosing the right lawn type is very important for geographical conditions.

The species suitable for cold are planted in the late summer and autumn, and the best time to cultivate in the autumn. These species tend to grow in northern areas that have a cool winter and mild summer.

Suitable seasonal warming varieties are planted in the spring and summer. It grows well in very hot areas with mild winters.

Decide what kind of garden or yard is right for you because the geographical conditions affect your lawn health.


Where do we plant grass seeds?

You can get grass seed from agricultural stores or online and online. Just make sure you buy from the safe place. All grass seeds look healthy. It is very important to produce quality seeds.


The amount of grass in the land

You must first calculate how much seed you need. The amount of different species of grass varies. Usually, in sports species, 40 to 50 grams per square meter are used.


Preparation of soil for planting grass

Chopping cookies and breaking the upper layer of the soil leads to better grass rooting. By breaking the hard masses, you will have a milder soil. Also, pick up wood and rocks from the soil.

Tighten the surface of the earth with rollers in large areas and with shovels in small areas. If a lot of water is accumulated over rainfall, be sure to clear it.

For large areas, use the right tools, but for the small garden of the hut and fork.


GRASS Fertilization

The grass in the fertilized soil will grow better. Combine rotten animal fertilizers with soil.


GRASS Seeding

If you want to use a broad lawn, use a seed machine that spreads the lawn the same way. But for a small range of seeding operations, it can be done by hand.

Avoid splattering extra seeds. Otherwise, you will have thin lawns.

Apply a very small amount of soft soil to the seeds to prevent various factors in removing the seeds.