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How to take a good selfie?


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How to take a good selfie?

One of the most important factors in taking pretty images is ambient light. The time when it comes to handing someone your camera or mobile to take pictures of them.
We see a famous man? Instead of signing with him, Selfie will be taken. Are we going to somewhere interesting? We take a Selfie of the views. So are we around the city on vacation? Well, let's take a Selfie together. Selfie takers get even killed! In summary, this phenomenon is everywhere in every situation, and in the modern world of today, if you do not know how to take attractive and professional Selfie photo, then you should learn some key points of taking selfie pictures. We want to take a look at the techniques and software that will help you get your next Selfie, which really is enjoyable!

selfie takers at the pool
The light

Anyone who has been photographed even once with a camera or a mobile phone knows that one of the most important factors to take nice pictures is the ambient light, enough light to make the photo look sharper and better. On the contrary, low light will not only bump into the camera but even the best cameras for recording a good photo cannot produce a decent result. Arrange good lighting is important in Selfie because front-facing cameras are often a few steps weaker than the back of the camera.
But the amount of light is not the whole thing. The best light for Selfie is natural light. So if you want to have some cool Selfie photos, try to get them in the open space or at least close the window and get during a day. Beware of fluorescent lamps (like fluorescents or even camera flashes) because the Selfie will be better in the light of a light bulb even in candlelight!


The angle

The best angle to catch an attractive Selfists a bit high
One of the most important things that are often neglected when taking a selfie is the angle of that. You will probably see many Selfie photos that the camera looks like to be located over the sky, and probably you agree with me that these images are not so interesting. Of course, you do not have to push the Selfie up unless you want to see your face very fat!
The best angle to catch an attractive Selfist is a bit high. It's almost like you've got a camera taller to take pictures of you, but re-emphasize, do not raise the camera too high, just a little bit higher.

The direction of the face
Some Selfist looks very good, but you can not say exactly what makes them charming. What is especially true in the selfie of the celebrities is the direction of the face.
Maybe you think that does it make a difference to which side of the image is taken from? Yes, if you look at your own Self-portrait, you will find that your Selfie is more beautiful than your face. Have you ever notice that when shooting photography to take a picture of a person by a photographer, the photo does not directly come across and the photographer usually gives you a little angel? Here is the same story.
Of course, it's a point that you can not get all these notes into accounts. You have to test yourself on the different angles of your face to see what direction your face results to be the best.
Get creative and professional Selfie.


Distance to the camera

This is usually the case with those who do not follow the selfie guidelines. Do not get yourself close to the selfie as if you've been to near the camera! Excuse me, but watching your nose holes is not attractive to the others, so keep a reasonable distance from the camera!
On the other hand, if there's really nothing significant in the background or the number of people in the Selfie shot is not high, you do not need to keep the phone at a great distance (for example, with a selfie rod).



We can not say that when you catch selfie, do not use filters at all, but always consider it as a principle that it's better for yourself in this types of photography, and the more natural the picture is, the more attractive it is. Especially if you get a good self-light, you do not need to improve your face with filters like Beautify or Skin Tone.
However, if you want to use a filter, be careful not to use too much of it to make your face look fake/artificial, and be careful that people can generally recognize that you are using the filter!

Good programs for Selfie takers
To get a good selfie, in addition to complying with the rules stated in the text, it also needs a software with the proper features.
Some phone makers have built-in features for the selfie in the camera app, but even in these phones, it's possible to use selfie special programs to have more attractive photos.
One of the troublesome issues with selfie is to press the shutter button on the screen while holding the phone at the right angle. Two free GoCam apps (for iOS) and Snapi (for Android) solve this problem by detecting states. In these apps, first hold the handset in one hand and take your palm on the front of the camera. Now when you hit your hand, the countdown begins to catch Selfie so you can take a good shot and take a pretty picture.
If you're a selfie taker with a variety of filters, we'll offer you the YouCam Perfect app (for Android and iOS). The main thing about this app is that you will see each filter you want to apply to your self as a preview. So before you grab, you can measure different filters and get a photo after you reach the right option.
The company's maker of this app has also released two other apps called YouCam Fun and YouCam Makeup for Android, each of which offers a mix of fun and interesting filters to add to your selfie. One of the most famous apps in this field is FaceTune (for Android and iOS), which has a lot of history and even some people call it Photoshop selfie!
This app features such as whitening teeth, removing stains and pixels, chin and facial deformation and, of course, blurring the background, feeding a fascinating selfies for profile photo! The features and filters of the program will not end only during selfie, and you can also edit and add the various types of filters to the selfie taken. Other great apps for selfies on Android phones include the Candy Camera with a large, small feature, Sweet Selfie with real-time and attractive filters, as well as the B612, which you can use free of charge.