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Hymn and what you need to know about all kinds of virginity

Women's Health

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Hymn and what you need to know about all kinds of virginity

The hymen is part of the female genitalia, and there are common misconceptions about this organ among the people. In this article, there are a few truths about hymen and its variants.

What do you know about virginity? It is said that it is possible to find out whether or not women are maiden or not. In some beliefs and customs, he is sure of his maidenhood based on the blood that comes out of the woman's vagina after the first sexual intercourse.

But sometimes women do not have any bleeding after the first sex, which causes misunderstandings among couples. Many of these assumptions and beliefs about the virginity of women are wrong.

Many studies have shown that it is not always necessary to bleed during the first sexual intercourse, or if bleeding is seen, it does not necessarily represent tears of virginity. For further discussion of these issues, you will continue to refer to everything you need to know about virginity curtains.


What is a hymen?

The membrane is a membrane that surrounds the woman's vagina. This curtain has a hole that is different in size and shape in different ladies. Hymenoptera is present in women's body since birth, but it gradually and naturally disappears with the maturation and discharge of the vagina.

  type of hymen

type of different hymen?

One of the most important things you need to know about hymen is that the screen is different in women and is divided into four types:


Hymen of the conventional type

This type is one of the most common among women, which is in the form of a moon and covers part of the vagina.


Microperforated hymen

This kind of curtain completely covers the vagina and has a very small hole.


Septate hymen two-hole or blade hole

In this type of curtain, the membrane has two holes.


Imperforate hymen without holes

This kind of curtain covers the vagina without any holes or pores. This type of virginity usually causes continuous pain and its treatment requires surgery, so it is recognized at an early age. The absence of a hole in this type of hymen prevents the periodic blood from spreading easily and results in pain.

The hymen is different in women, and it is divided into four types


Can any woman identify her virginity?

You can only diagnose your honey type by visiting a doctor. In addition, the doctor can check the absence of a curtain by doing an exam.


What causes rupture of virginity?

As previously stated, virginity is eroded over time due to various reasons, so it sometimes does not break in the first sexual relationship.


Some women also claim to have a tear in their first sexual intercourse. Let's turn on an issue. Hymenoptera is flexible and its flexibility varies among women of different proportions, which causes the tearing process to not be the same in women.

In addition, tears of the hymen in the first sexual relationship largely depend on the type of curtain and its erosion factors over time.

In cases where the hymen is not eroded and gradually disappears and its flexibility is low, the first sex will bleed. There are kinds of virgins that are very fragile and easily torn.

Factors causing rupture of virginity include vigorous movements, some sports (such as gymnastics, horseback riding, extreme falls, the highest severity on the lower body, etc.).

There are many types of virginity too. This kind of curtain comes at the time of sex without being torn. If there is no hole on this kind of screen, it will be impossible to have sex for the person and it will require surgery to resolve the problem.


Does bleeding just happen when the hymen is torn?

It is one of the most important and common misconceptions among the people that bleeding occurs when the hollow curtain is torn. Many causes bleed a woman at first sexual intercourse, including:


- If it has not been sufficiently stimulated at the time of ingestion or has not been used with a lubricant, it will rupture and rupture the vaginal tissues that will result in bleeding.

- When sexual intercourse is accompanied by violent and violent movements that cause rupture of the tissues in the bloodstream and, as a result, hemorrhage.

- Due to infection, sometimes the infection leads to bleeding

- Due to tears of the hymen


In the end, virginity does not determine the curtain that disappears over time or the number of droplets that go out of the vagina due to different factors, the virginity determines your trust in the opposite.