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Polyamorous relationship versus monogamous relationship

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Polyamorous relationship versus monogamous relationship

In the world, there are different models of relationships and you do not have to look at civilizations in the middle of the Amazon to know them. Lately, there is more talk about polygamy definition, that is, relationships in which more than two people participate. An example is a polyamory (non monogamous marriage). Within this model, not everyone acts in the same way. So what types of polyamorous societies are there? Is polyamorous relationship better than monogamy?

monogamous family

Monogaous Couple

Types of polyamorous relationships

Within polyamorous societies, there are legal polygamy relationships. The two people have more than one sexual partner, one of them or both. In monogamous relationships- one is monogamous, but it does not matter that their partner is with other person, sexually and there are also those who are open to having sex with other people, although they do not want more than one person at a time, as is the case of those who practice the exchange of partners, but always agreed with the each others. It is monogamy definition. "If you want to know about the monogamy meaning, there are many kinds of monogamous relationship. So many that in recent years you can talk, too, of unique relationships, which goes to say that each relationship is different and has its rules, "Puig Rodas explains.

However, do not fall into the idea that polyamorous relationship is better than monogamy. "There are monogamous marriges that are great," he says. "We must avoid falling into the belief that polygamous family is better than that, " says the sexologist.

For this reason, he encourages each person to know himself/herself and seeks his/her own happiness, either with a single person by his side or with multiple people." There are people who are monogamous because they love this model and it meets all their expectations while other people get into monogamy because it is the model that is given by default by society and one should follow the way of his/her life", explains sexologist. "If you do not like this model, you are unhappy and can seek to make small traps, like cheating your partner, to find happiness, which is what we can ruin a good relationship."


When children arrive to a polygamous family

But the problem in a polyamorous relationship can be solved in another way: through communication. "In therapy, we work with the pact of the couple, that is, establish how I want to relate to this person, from whether they are going to live together until they want to have children or, even if one of them will stop working when the children arrive", says Puig Rodas. And this pact is what advises by the psychologist for both monogamous couples and for those who are polygaous. "Most polagamous couples do not talk about these things, they take them for granted and they think that our parents' model of relationship or the one we have been taught on television is the standard way of living and everyone wants the same thing. This attitude is not always correct since they should know exactly about themselves", concludes the therapist.

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