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Taycan the first all-electric Porsche sports car


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Taycan the first all-electric Porsche sports car

Known until now as Mission E, Porsche has revealed this Friday the official name of its first 100% electric sports car that will hit the market in 2020.

Porsche has revealed the name of its first all-electric sports car: Taycan. The announcement was made during the official celebration of the "70 years of Porsche sports" anniversary.

According to the German automaker, the name refers to the center of the crest of the black horse of the Porsche brand shield, as it translates as "young and spirited horse". The four-seater electric sports car is still in the testing phase and has been driven by the American singer Adam Levine.


Explanation of these sport cars

Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG, explained on the company's website:

Our new electric sports car is sporty and performance oriented a car that is capable of longer distances and represents freedom. Its 120 kWh battery gives you a range of 480 km with a charge.

According to Porsche, it has acceleration from 0 to 100 km/hour in 3.7 seconds due to its pair of electric propellers, which will provide more than 600 horsepower. Its 120 kWh battery will give you a range of 480 km per charge, with a fast charge of 800 volts, while its maximum speed will be 249,448 km/hr. The official price has not been publicised yet. It will reach the market in 2020 known so far as Mission E, it was presented as a conceptual at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2015. Its official introduction will be at this same event next year when it will begin serial production to be launched in 2020.

Production of porches

The Volkswagen Group, of which Porsche is a part, has promised to invest more than 1,000 million in the development of Taycan. Currently, the manufacturer has some hybrid models, such as the Porsche 918 Spyder, a plug-in hybrid supercar limited edition which has sold more than 900 units.

Porsche Taycan will be the direct responsibility of the Tesla Model S. While the most powerful cars and SUVs of the Elon Musk Company can reach 96.5606 km/hr in less than three seconds, what the German manufacturer promises is a "continuous level of power that has no comparison with any other electric vehicle". That is to say, that this new electric will be able to perform hard accelerations repeatedly without its batteries overheating.

In the commitment to electric vehicles, the German company plans to increase its production capacity of this type of cars by doubling its investment in hybrids and 100% electric to more than 6,000 million euros by 2022. According to Porsche, vehicles with a battery alone could represent a quarter of their sales by the year 2025.