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The effect of the full moon on human health

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The effect of the full moon on human health

Undoubtedly, the month will have an emotional impact on us. Maybe it looks strange, but the moon and moonlight also affect the interactions inside the body of the moon, and according to experts, the full moon will affect our health.


Moon Completion and Insomnia

According to researches, most people become sleepy or sleepless, when the full moon is happening. Also, these studies have shown that the body's melatonin level is high when the full moon is happened (Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland and interferes with the setting of the body's sleep and awakening cycle.)


The effect of a full moon on blood flow

No doubt that the gravitational pull of the moon is strong. As you know, the force of the moon is influential in the tides, so it is logical that it also has the power to force fluid in the body, such as blood, mucus and brain fluids, to move further.

The scientists discovered that 79 percent of patients who underwent cardiac surgery at the time of the full moon had more problems than others. Even occasionally, their death due to aortic arousal problems is more than those who undergo heart surgery at other times other than the full moon.


Full moon and pains of childbirth

There is a myth that increases the pain of childbirth when the moon is complete. But, up to now, no evidence has been found to prove this issue, and it should still look like a fairy tale.


Complete the moon and create turmoil

You've probably heard the statement that if the insane looks at the moon he becomes crazy! Yes, this is somewhat true. It's not just a legend, but it's been proven that the full moon can cause distress and insomnia, and the occurrence of bipolar disorder (bipolar disorder, mood disorder, and a mild illness, people with this disease have severe mood changes). It is true that full moonlight may have these effects on the body. , But the lack of it also causes depression. The rate of suicide, behaviors, and anomalies caused by depression at this time also sharply decreases.


Full moon and seizures

According to the study, the incidence of epilepsy increases when the moon is complete. The death rate from seizures increases by about 70% during the full moon. But broader studies have shown that the moon's fullness has nothing to do with epilepsy, but is linked to seizure due to non-epileptic factors.