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Things you may not know from Da Vinci!


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Things you may not know from Da Vinci!

Things you may not know from Da Vinci!

"Leonardo da Vinci" is known more like the creator of the famous and mysterious "Mona Lisa" or "La Joconde," but there are realities about the personality and capabilities of this lasting face that few of them know.

Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian. He developed this particular diet at a time when it was not common. A 2010 study on his life and his unusual diet showed that he was a vegetarian due to a heart attack. Da Vinci was "ill-treated," meaning difficult to write, read and spell words. Of course, he had an excellent talent for painting.


Da Vinci designs from the human body

This great Italian inventor and artist was the first person to explain the blue color of the sky. If it's interesting to you, the cause of this scientific phenomenon is described as follows: Sunlight is dispersed by molecules and particles of dust in the sky. In this way, light with short wavelengths (such as light blue) is much more intense than the light with longer wavelengths, dispersed by these particles. When we look at the smooth sky, most of this light is scattered that comes to our eyes. Therefore, the range of scattered short wavelengths and the sensitivity of the human eye to color lead to blue coloration.

The "Mona Lisa" creator could write the opposite with the right hand, on the left-hand side. He wrote notes for his designs on the reverse side, only to read them in the mirror. Da Vinci's articles include a large number of inventions that can be implemented and unavailable, such as musical instruments, hydraulic pumps, steam cannons, special shields, and more. His inventions include a machine gun, an anemometer, a clock and a pump.


Embryo design

This prominent personality, to understand how the human body functions, thrown into the body of the corpses, and in this way, a new understanding of the structure of the human body came. Da Vinci was the first person to realize that the lifespan of each tree is equivalent to the number of circles that formed in the horizontal section of the trunk. He was the first to draw the human body by cutting it. It is said that he took a lot of dead bodies for a more complete understanding of the body's anatomy.

His studies in the field of anatomy culminated in the creation of super-precise and beautiful drawings, among which the illustration of the pencil "Embryos in the Uterus" was mentioned. This work, in spite of some forms, is so adapted to the reality that today it can be used in medical education. Erwin Panofsky wrote of this after Da Vinci's capabilities: "At that time, an autopsy as science was impossible without a method for keeping observations in graphical and complete, accurate and three-dimensional files."

Historical evidence suggests that Da Vinci and Michel-Ange were rivals and enemies. Jonathan Jones writes in» The lost battles «: Leonardo, Michelangelo and the artistic duel that defined the Renaissance: The two artists were so sensitive about the subject and often scolded each other.