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Tips to keep the Apartment flowers


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Tips to keep the Apartment flowers

If The weather is warm, Observe the following tips to well growing:

• The air cooler is prohibited

• Direct sunlight is prohibited

• Immediately after irrigation of the soil, the flowers are irrigated

• Get up early in the morning or in the evenings


Eliminate the Flower insect

• Stop Irrigation

• Use yellow stick

• Add 1 cm sand on the soil

• Spill multiple soil cirrus

• Chamomile chilled tea

• cinnamon powder

• potato

indoor plants insect

If the above does not disappear, insecticide.

To remove the aphids, remove the mosquitoes and aphids in the first step, clean the plant with alcohol, then soak the tobacco in the water and add the garlic to it. Fill it with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.


The cause of falling leaves of flowers

• Placing or changing the pot

• High irrigation

• dim light

• Cold or sudden temperature changes

• Flowers are not exposed in any way (especially the weathered ones)

falling leaves of flowers

Sheep manure is one of the best fertilizers you can give to apartment flowers

For odor and insect, be sure to spread the fertilizer in front of the sun for one or two months, and submerge it and always give it a low amount of flowers.

The beautiful Fitunya plant, which is difficult to handle for many people, needs light, but no direct light and moisture.

Coleus needs at least 4 hours of sunlight to paint his leaves.

If your house does not have light and no sunlight, keep your plants in your house.

He did not eat too much sun.

Do not thirst

Sheep manure is one of the best fertilizers you can give to apartment flowers

sheep manure

Tea waste

The best fertilizer for apartment plants.

This harmless plant fertilizer turns into a healthy soil that helps grow flowers and plants.

This makes the leaves clearer and brightens the contrast.

That is, if you have a flower such as a coleus, you'll find that the redness of the leaves is red and the greens are greener by pouring the pots of tea.

Apart from this other goodness of tea, its antibacterial effect is like a pesticide for the potting soil, and it does not require you to get chemical toxins.


Important note

Your loved one, be careful that the apartment plants are damaged by temperatures above 30 ° C; they do not leave the flowers, especially for days out of the home.